When you’re constantly updating your page, there are two things that are actually happening here that you may or may not be aware of. Some people already know this, and some people have no clue why websites get traffic they just know that they like to blog/build websites.

Your visitors are being kept entertained with fresh and engaging content that’s keeping them coming back. This will ensure that you have repeat visitors and subscribers if you have an opt in option for your visitors who enjoy your content. If you don’t, you definitely should consider getting one (they’re relatively cheap, don’t worry). Also, they can refer your site to social networks to let other people know what they’re reading or what they like which increases in huge visibility boosts.

Search engines absolutely LOVE Dynamic content. When content is always updated that means your website is always changing and when the spiders come back to crawl your site to see if anything’s changed, they report their findings back to Google with the impression of “Yes, this website is important because it’s constantly updated with fresh and quality content.” Why is this good news for you? This means not only will Google send spiders to your website more often to help you rank for keywords quicker but you’ll rank higher for the keywords you’re targeting as well (well, at least it’ll help).

Getting the most exposure and visibility means getting your site in front of not only the most people possible but the most search engine spiders possible because you can never have enough spiders crawling your site. The more you have as a matter of fact, the more important your content is to get it indexed right away so that the search engine is aware. Constantly update your site and Google will bring you the love.

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