Basic Website Components and Costs

    • Domain Name – $15/year
    • Hosting – $50 to $300 a year (depending on traffic and hosting services)
    • Web Planning, Design and Development Time – 60 hours and up
    • Continued Website Maintenance – $500 a year and up (depending on number/type of updates required)
    • Marketing Your Website Online – $200 a month and up

Costs for small business websites:

Our definition of “small business website” is a website consisting of up to three main sections with the total pages not to exceed 10. There is no need for custom plug-ins or databases. For e-commerce websites, we would use PayPal or a hosted cart solution like Shopify, there are no 3rd-party integrations. If you need any of this explained, please contact us.

If this is your first website you have the greatest potential to fail, but don't panic yet. Typically, a website budget is determined by the estimated number of hours required to design and build it. Website developers have different rates depending on their overhead. An offshore web company may charge anywhere from $10 to$40/hr while an established US web agency may charge between $60 to $200/hr or more. You may find a solo web developer in the US charging between $25 to $100/hr, and there is always the free websites offered all over the web.

We do not recommend that any serious business use a one-person shop, a 'free' website, or offshore team. The success of your web efforts must leverage distinct disciplines (marketing, user experience design, visual design, programming, and project management) and these are nearly impossible to to find in one person. With offshore agencies, the challenge is communication: Do they understand your business goals? Does their design sensibilities match your market? Do they understand your instructions? The time difference can prove a difficulty as well.

When hiring a professional agency, you should write up a requirements document for all the candidate agencies to reference in their proposals, so you are comparing apples to apples. This document doesn’t have to be complex (a page or so in length will do), but it should describe what kind of website you want, what types of pages you want (News, Contact, Services, etc.), desired functionality, and your business goals for the website. It is also helpful to provide examples of websites you like. Keeping in mind that websites you like may not necessarily appeal to your customer base.

If you have are a startup business and your business concept combines features from popular sites like Google, eBay, Facebook, YouTube, etc... then you must carefully define your website. The popular sites listed above spend millions of dollars perfecting, maintaining and marketing their core applications.

If your startup requires an informational website to validate your efforts or is selling a few simple products, we can work with you to make sure the website you envision will accomplish your business goals and create a strong brand.

So how much will the website cost? Here’s our breakdown for the website described above:

Website Breakdown:

Planning: $0 - $500
UX (sitemap, wireframes): $0 - $1000
Visual Design: $1,000 - $2,500
Programming: $3,000 - $6,000
Content Support: $200 - $400
Testing and Launch: $1000 - $1500

Total Cost: $5,000 - $11,400 *and up, depending on Requirements

This also assumes a short, streamlined approval process without too many revisions or additional requests thrown in there. Programming for e-commerce or complex websites will be more time intensive and could increase costs substantially. Post-launch we definitely recommend a minimum of $200 per month for ongoing, proactive marketing efforts and SEO.

Sticker Shocked?

We do offer a budget buster site, which is based off of an existing brochure you may have, for $600. Which includes 1 year of domain name registration, 1 year of hosting and an html version of your brochure. There is no deviation from the brochure at all, and will simply give you a web presence. Don't assume people will flock to it, or it will create new sales/leads. It is a place to start...

If you have further questions please contact us for a free, detailed consultation. Call 608-317-4378 articles in our blog that will help you become more successful online.

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