Creating Movement

We focus on building a strong presence and presenting it to the right audience, at the right time.

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We are entrepreneurs, online and offline.

We serve people in many industries and occupations, such as: real estate, government, construction, publishing, advertising, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, specialty services, medical, and agriculture.

How we got here

Trial and Error, sounds easy, but it is not. Learning from our experience and moving forward in productive ways can challenge even the smartest of people. We have been involved in small businesses to large companies. Worked as clerks, dishwashers, executives and everything in between. We encourage people to volunteer in their communities, shovel neighbors' driveways or mow their lawns, not for recognition, but to give someone a break from the tasks at hand.

Community Outreach

Initiate Demand was formed with strong Christian values, we attempt to help people in many ways: from remodeling homes, hiring those who need a hand up, or just opening a door for someone, we believe in the strength and ability of everyone. Now it is time for you to believe in it yourself.


Initiate Demand was formerly know as, and still maintains the corporate name Rout, Inc.

We diligently worked on re-branding ourselves. From struggles with domain squatters to brilliant simplicities... Give us a shout and we would be happy to share the stories with you.

INITIATE Intensive

  • For early stage startups with limited financial capabilities, we offer an intensive, single topic consultation driven by the major pain-point of the startup. Consultation has a very specific target: to introduce the growth hacking mindset to the startup’s team and to describe the topics and funnels that they should be examining at their present phase of development.

DEMAND Consulting

  • If you are an established company with an existing array of partnerships and products, we can help you align your metrics with objectives and targets, understand/clarify your pain points, measure your current status, define your growth action plan and KPIs, and prepare you to move forward. We make sure that your growth project stays the course, adjusts and corrects its course when necessary and delivers the results as per your strategic targets and objectives.


  • We can work with your existing setup to define and deliver specific results for specific pain points and/or business targets. In addition to consulting with you on Growth and managing the project, we will implement your action plan (website, social, mobile, PPC and more) Keeping you constantly updated on the results and performing all the necessary actions to achieve the desired result.

GROWTH Officer

  • Our Chief Growth Officer understands how four key areas of activity intersect in a business to create profitability: Marketing, Sales, Product and Finance. The role of CGO is to take a seat at your table and move you forward. Capable of leading several areas such as: company-wide change, shaping a company’s public profile, managing technical complexity, and building new capabilities throughout the company as a whole.

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

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